About GetMeIntoBusiness.com

The Who, What, and Why

Hi! I'm Matthew Lewis, and I founded this website to help individual entrepreneurs get into a satisfying and profitable business, with an emphasis on flexibility, and working within proven systems to maximize success.

Like most people, I have a few basic principles that I believe in and try to live by. For me, that includes how I conduct business. Here are my main priorities for life and business:

  • Work in harmony with the Golden Rule - to treat others the way I want to be treated.
  • There's no such thing as a free lunch; get-rich-quick schemes and pie-in-the-sky promises aren't worth the time it takes to rule them out.
  • Extreme flexibility and independence for business owners is a good thing.
  • Partnership with other successful entrepreneurs is vital to success.
  • Using proven systems helps minimize risk and maximize success and profitability.

I chose the business opportunities on this website because I believe they match all of those values and more.

In other words, I'm presenting these opportunities because I believe in them. I've seen how they work up-close. I've personally invested in some of them myself. Additionally, I have spent time with corporate leaders and have found them straightforward in their dealings. I have also met with other independent owners who have also invested in these businesses and have yet to meet anyone who regrets their decision.

If my list of business priorities resonates with you, then please take a look at the business opportunities page to see what's available - because I wouldn't be putting them out there if I didn't think they could change your life!


This website is not created, maintained, or endorsed by the company, or companies, offering the business opportunities represented hereon. The information on this site is my honest opinion, which I consider accurate but offer no guarantees. The opinions expressed on this website are no substitute for your own discretion and due diligence. I may be compensated for business purchases referred by this website. All trademarks and copyrights used on this website belong to the companies and divisions they represent.