Never Waste an Experience

There's always something to learn.
Photo by Giu Vicente on Unsplash

I recently spent two weeks in a grueling training program involving all-day sessions and a good six to eight hours of homework daily.

At the end of the two weeks, additional information was revealed that showed the opportunity I was pursuing was quite a bit different than it had been represented to be when I signed up for the classes. With the new information, my wife and I concluded that this was not a direction we wanted to go.

My wife was chagrined that I had “wasted so much time” in training that turned out to “not lead to anything.” I told her it did lead to a few things and that the time was far from wasted:

  • I was able to spend time with some highly skilled individuals and absorb how they think.
  • I learned some valuable information about business and salesmanship that I hadn't been exposed to before.
  • I picked up some communication habits that will be very beneficial for the rest of my life.

Additionally, because those two weeks were so intense, I spent far more time away from my growing family than is normal for us. This taught me a LOT about our family relationships, and perhaps most importantly, helped me to value every moment I get to spend with my wife and our children in ways I never had realized before.

I try to never waste an experience. In fact, as an entrepreneur, I can't afford to waste an experience.

Yes, it kind of hurt to invest so much time and effort in something, only to be unable to follow the original plan.

But I try to never waste an experience. In fact, as an entrepreneur, I can't afford to waste an experience.

There's always something to be learned, and it usually makes the entire experience worthwhile.

As a bonus, I find this attitude helps me maintain a positive, optimistic outlook on life. And that beats getting down in the dumps about something I can't help!

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