Territory Owner for Logistics Company

Check out this work-from-home, relocatable business opportunity with potential for passive income!!

If you're looking for a home business, that's relocatable and can be run from anywhere, doesn't require any specialized education or experience, and best of all carries the potential for serious, long-term passive income, then this could be exactly what you're looking for!

The Problem:

Business owners are tired of the high costs, unreliable service, and damanged merchandise that occur with traditional delivery and logistics.

The Solution:

Our network of independent drivers brings better service, more convenient access, and lower pricing! App-based dispatch technology, similar to apps used by rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, makes it easy for anyone to order quality, white-glove shipping and delivery!

The Business Opportunity:

As a territory owner, you won’t have to drive a truck, make deliveries, or manage staff. Instead, get a revenue share on deliveries made in your territory, plus commissions for new drivers who sign up!

Two Options:

We all know there's no such thing as a free lunch, and this business is no exception. But there is such thing as passive income, and that's what this one is all about!

There are two ways to get involved in this business. I'll go over them both briefly:

Come on board as an active owner:

Pick your territory, pay your license fee, and then get to work “building out” your territory with independent drivers. You can recruit them pretty much any way you like - personal networking, advertising, social media, or other options that may be available to you. You don't have to do any sales, just generate leads and refer them to the national sales team. You'll get a commission from everyone who signs up in your territory, an extra commission for referring them personally, plus a revenue share on deliveries taking place in your territory.

As time goes by, it is expected that your share from deliveries will grow into a source of passive income. Depending on how much territory you license, this could reach into high six figures or even seven figures annually!

Join as a passive owner:

You have the option to come on board simply by purchasing a license to your selected territory - then sit back and let the national sales team “build out” your territory for you. You'll still get commissions from licenses sold within your territory, plus a revenue share from deliveries made. You won't receive the extra commissions for personal referrals, and your territory may not grow as fast without you “on the ground” to help make it happen. However, this could be an excellent opportunity for individuals who have some money to invest and aren't interested in taking an active role beyond that. In time, passive owners are also expected to profit handsomely in passive income from this initial llicense purchase:

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